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Don’t let money stand in the way of the Voice Of The People winning this election.

The Campaign’s goal is to raise $50,000 by December 2017.

There are several ways to donate:

  1. PayPal Donation Direct
  2. GoFundMe(tm) with exclusive thank you gifts
  3. Crowdpac
  4. Via input below

$250,000 by March 2018 and $500,000 by The Primary Election, June 5, 2018.

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What's Your Money Worth?

During the 2016 Election Campaign, Representative Paul Cook spent nearly $1,000,000.00 to capture 62.3% of the vote. That’s equal to $7.30 / each vote counted.

Dr. Rita Ramirez spent less than $40,000.00 to obtain 37.7%. That’s $0.48 / each vote counted.

Rep. Cook spent 15:1 against Ramirez to do what for the past 2 years?

  • He voted 100% with Mr. Trump’s Plans and is 94.1% predicted to continue to vote with Trump
  • Continues his military-centered relationships, serving on a majority of military caucuses and subcommittees

To Win: Dr. Rita Ramirez needs to obtain approximately 127,000 votes and must spend approximately $500,000.00.  Here’s what every $20.00 donation can do!

Each of you can Cau$e It! To Happen. Every dollar to the campaign means we can put money into the marketing to obtain the necessary votes to build a better future for the desert communities… and this is a WIN FOR YOU!

2016 Primary and General Election Results

Campaign Donation Information

Cau$e It! To Happen.

Each $20.00 donation

means the difference between

a thriving community for the future

or one that goes the way of predecessor ghost towns. 

What Are You Comfortable Donating?