New Gun Restrictions Are Coming to California in 2018.

New Gun Restrictions Are Coming to California in 2018.

I support legislation regarding gun safety, “The life you save might be your own!” – Dr. Rita Ramirez.
California’s more than 6 million gun owners are going to see new restrictions in 2018 stemming from sweeping regulations lawmakers and voters have approved over the past two years.
A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found there was a strong relationship between higher levels of gun ownership in a state and higher firearm suicide rates for both men and women.

How do US gun deaths break down?

There have been more than 90 mass shootings in the US since 1982, according to investigative magazine Mother Jones.
Up until 2012, a mass shooting was defined as when an attacker had killed four or more victims in an indiscriminate rampage – and since 2013 the figures include attacks with three or more victims. The shootings do not include killings related to other crimes such as armed robbery or gang violence.
The overall number of people killed in mass shootings each year represents only a tiny percentage of the total number.

Attacks in US become deadlier

The Las Vegas attack was the worst in recent US history – and the three shootings with the highest number of casualties have all happened within the past 10 years.

What types of guns kill Americans?

Military-style assault weapons have been blamed for some of the major mass shootings such as the attack in an Orlando nightclub and at the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. The police said dozens of rifles had been recovered from the scene of the Las Vegas shooting.
A few US states have banned assault weapons, which were totally restricted for a decade until 2004. However most murders caused by guns involve handguns, according to FBI data.

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